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Here is where you’ll find the latest news, event schedules & maps, event results and more, everything about RMTA.


Remember to get your OHV stickers for 2014 - you must have an OHV permit & spark arrester for any RMTA event.  New For 2014 All Riders must be a Member of the AMA before the can participate in any event or become an RMTA member



2014 Membership Form

To Join the AMA Please Follow the link

2014 Schedule/Trials Masters

2014 Supplemental Rules

2014 AMA-NATC Supplemental Rules

Spectators don't need to sign releases anymore and only the original releases count, so riders (minors too) need to sign releases at the event unless they have an annual AMA release card.

Please Not that we have a schedule change Lyons Quarry has move to April 27th

Series event #3 at the Lyons Quarry is this Sunday, April 27th. Due to needing to lock the gate there isn't any camping at the site, and it's pretty tight for parking so do your best to gang up as much as you can. Drive sensibly on the way in please, there is a speed limit. Bring rain gear according to the site I check for that kind of thing.
Despite the possible rain, SPARK ARRESTORS ARE REQUIRED. AMA membership is also still required.
As always, sign up at 9 am, ride or score at 10.
Map is posted for the event on the schedule page on the web site, rockymountaintrials.org.

We had a great turnout on Sunday for clearing sections for the national, and I'm told the Saturday turnout was good as well. Lots of productivity and some new sections to come out of it. There will be more to do in further weekends, so don't despair if you missed out. Not too many times I forget to eat that long, but the day goes fast when you're busy. Sorry to those of you calling the wrong number for Stan, it's 564-6476, not 561. (thanks John Sinks) I'll get it closer if not all the way correct next time.  



2014 RMTA Officers


The following people will be serving as your club officers for the 2014 season.


Chairman:  Chris Hertrich

Vice Chairman:  Joe Frei

Treasurer:  Stan Hensley

Membership Secretary:  Stan Hensley

Results Secretary:  Pete Helfter

Awards Officer:  Larry Lund

Cups Engraving:  Mike Buchholz

Trials Masters/Sign up Kits Coordinator:  Chris and Micah Hertrich

Newsletter Secretary:  Bill Brokaw

Land Use Representatives:  Larry Lund & Roy Moline

RMTA Insurance Officer:  Ken White

NATC Representative:  Stan Hensley