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New members aren’t just welcomed, they’re cherished, maybe even praised. We at RMTA are rather firm believers in that old saying – “the more the merrier”. Anyone who has played traditional sports or perhaps tried their hand at a bit of theatre, would readily admit that sure – practice or rehearsal is fun enough, but they can’t really hold a candle to games or show time, now can they? Riding trials bikes is really entertaining stuff, but riding observed trials competitions is a whole new ballgame, and a first step we seriously doubt you’ll ever regret taking. The fun factor alone should be enough to convince most, but just in case, here’s a long list of worthy benefits:


1. Your first event is free! (no entry fee required)

2. Classes for all ages and skill levels. (including a new Vintage Class)

3. Event awards to all Junior Class (youth) participants.

4. A “Family Rate” for club membership.

5. Members are eligible to practice at several private ranches. (leased by the club)

6. RMTA events are held at some of the nation’s premier trials venues.

7. Free trials tutelage. (Have you priced a golf lesson lately?)

8. The infamous Christmas Trial. (fun and games and a $5 gift exchange)

9. Year-end awards.

10. Annual RMTA Club Banquet. (wining, dining, awards and more)

11. Another good reason to get outdoors. (and what an outdoors it is)

12. A great chance to make more (great) friends.


Any real off-road motorcycle enthusiast has a wish list in the back of his (her) mind – a must-do event or discipline that they’ve always wanted to experience. How many times have you said to yourself – “I’m going to have to try that one of these days?”…Well, “one of these days” is here.