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2018 Event Info

Posted January 1, 2018:

Check back as more information is updated on this page, including a sign-up form.

What we know right now: The 2018 Ute Cup is scheduled for August 18-19th near Salida, CO on the Rainbow Trail. The trials masters will be Scott Jordan and Paul Smith.

Entry fees this year will be $50/day.

ute cup photoWhat is the Ute Cup?

If not familiar, the Ute Cup is a unique two-day trials event hosted in the alpine terrain of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. It features an epic loop trail sometimes more than 25 miles - usually parts of the loop go above treeline (11,000-12,000 feet of elevation). Sections do not contain splits/gates - all competitors ride the same line following the tape. The difficulty may be described as upper-intermediate to advanced (depending upon one's local club class designations).

Completing the Ute Cup is a worthy accomplishment for both the rider and the machine - usually recognized with a finishing pin. Winning the Ute Cup puts one into a prestigious group including the 2017 winner Ryan Young.

Click HERE to see some cool Ute Cup history and photos. (Ute Cup Memories thread on ADVrider.com - * this link is not affiliated with the RMTA).