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2017 Ute Cup Pre Registration Form

Embargo Creek

Rio Grande National Forest

Aug August 19th and 20th

Phone: - -
Please enter your Age:
RMTA Members List your Class: You should be in the Intermediate class or higher
Enter your AMA Number:
If you are a life member do not change the date
Please note if you need to ride with a buddy or relative:

***Out of State Ute Cup Riders!****

We will only have a few "out of state" OHV Stickers available on site. Please pick one up on your way here. They are available any place hunting and fishing licenses are sold, such as Wal Mart, for $25.25. The 25 cents covers your expenses if search and rescue is needed, well worth it if things go badly.
If you don't think you will be able to stop anywhere to get one on the way, please call Chris at 719-239-1234 before mid afternoon on Friday.

To enter, please fill out the information above and click submit or you can print the form below then mail it to Stan or email to webmaster@rockymountaintrials.org by August 17th.  If you click submit you should recieve a confirmation email within a few minutes.
Stan Hensley
1 Casita Ct
Pueblo, CO 81005
Email: webmaster@rockymountaintrials.org
For information please contact Bob at webmaster@rockymountaintrials.orgor Chris at 719-239-1234
This is the current map but please check back as it might change Embargo Creek the 2009 map is correct

Entry fee is $50 for riders who pre enter, $60 for riders who don’t. Payment will be collected at the entry table at the trials site on Friday the 19th from 4 pm to 9 pm and in the morning before riding for late arrivals. All team signups will be at the entry table. Senior, visiting, an RMTA teams are $10 each for 3 riders. Sponsored teams of 3 riders are $100. Entry is limited to 100 riders.

Starting order will be by random draw with the first rider out at 9 am each day. If you wish to ride with a buddy or relative please indicate this on your entry or at the entry table.

Spark arrestors are absolutely mandatory and are part of the USFS permit for the event to occur. Bikes will need to pass tech inspection before riders start.

Colorado OHV permits will be required and will be available at the site.

Staging/camping site is at 11,000 feet and about an hour away from any store (if you drive fast), come prepared for cold nights and inclement weather on the loop. Loop will be higher in spots.

Loop is about 22 miles and includes 17-20 sections. There will be no fuel stop, so plan to accordingly to cover your fuel needs.

Lowest combined score determines the winner. In case of a tie for first place that cannot be broken by RMTA rules, the Ute Cup goes to the oldest rider in the tie.

Award ceremony will take place as soon as the last rider’s scores are tabulated on Sunday.

Awards include:

Ute Cup winner

Top rider each day

Top out of state rider (unless they are the Ute Cup winner)

Top 40% will receive a thunderbird Ute Cup medal approx. one month after the event.

Best finish of RMTA riders from each RMTA class from Intermediate to Pro

Top Lady Rider

Top senior riders for ages 35-39, 40’s, and 50+

Top 3 RMTA teams, visiting teams, senior teams (members chosen by draw), and sponsored teams.

Dated Ute Cup finisher pins for all riders who successfully complete both days of competition.