About Observing

Local trials only works through participation!

observed trials riderUnlike many other arenas of competitive sport, Observed Trials requires active participation from all riders both in riding and "scoring" or "checking" other riders. Typically, the more-advanced (upper) riders score for the lower (support) riders and then trade when the other group rides.

observersIf it's your first time, NO PRESSURE! Come and see what we're all about. As you get more involved, we suggest teaming up with an experienced observer to score an event. Scoring is a great way to learn the rules, pick up riding techniques through observation of advanced riders, AND get to know scoring partners!

Perhaps even more than riding, observing requires a knowledge of the rules and what to "look for" while scoring. We base our rules from the NATC Supplemental Competition Rules.

A final note - the number one rule to follow for observing is:

The Benefit of Doubt always goes to the rider - if you are not 100% sure the rider took a point or what the rule is in a particular situation - do not give any points.