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“Big Lightning at Medicine Bow Cup”

WMTA Trials Series

Rounds 5 & 6

July 11 & 12, 2009

Esterbrook, Wyoming

By Ron Pocher

Photos By John Lever


In American Indian lore, the “medicine bow” was known to always shoot straight and to never break. WMTA’s annual Medicine Bow Cup usually has it’s fair share of toughness as well, and the 23rd edition was no exception.

This fine event has traditionally been held in the Medicine Bow National Forest about 25 miles west of Glendo in the Laramie Mountain Range. Rancher Tim Pexton has always been more than generous by providing the use of his land for the “Cup”, and is one of many true hearted land owners associated with the Wyoming club.

Ron Anderson and Barry Matlack were the trials masters for Saturday’s ride and they came up with a real “mixed bag” of attention grabbing sections. The “Cup” has a long-running tradition of throwing in a “mud bog” section and Anderson and Matlack must have figured Section 1 was as good a place as any to let the riders get their feet wet. Most of the sections weaved up and about the huge, tractable rocks known to the region and although the lightning shows were impressive, the usual afternoon showers held off for both days, allowing for substantial traction.

While Saturday’s loop had a couple of traps with “old school”, straight ahead, loose rock climbs; Sunday’s round had “just-a-bit-more-than-plenty” of tight turns and tricky log jumps strewn throughout the rocks. These challenging obstacles were the work of Day Two’s devilish trials master, Dallas Peak.



Keith Wineland

Since the event flyer promised t-shirts and awards to all participants, the host club decided to score the event as a two-day overall instead of handing out medals for each day. Consistency was the order of the weekend (as usual) and eight class winners managed to plod to victory on both days.

Although only three Pro riders competed in the event; Keith Wineland, Miles Morgan and Shad Peterson all regularly ride the national (NATC) series in the top division and they provided loads of entertainment for the mere mortals in attendance. Wineland made the trek up from Colorado on his way to the upcoming national rounds on the east coast, and was able to top Morgan both days with scores of 9 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday. The Colorado state champ was able to zero Saturday’s third loop while Morgan kept him honest with a thrilling card of 13 on Sunday.

Sure-footed Derek Martinson, a past winner of Colorado’s Ute Cup, captured the Expert class on both days with thrifty scores of 9 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Luke Matlack (2nd), brother Brian Martinson (3rd) and Al Duke (4th) rounded out the class but were no match for last year’s Expert class series champion on this weekend.



Miles Morgan

Kenny Mosteller, who has won several age group national championships over the years, showed that he certainly hasn’t lost many steps (or gained many if you wish) when he zeroed Saturday’s event while competing in the Senior Advanced class. Mosteller, whom any educated observer would call a Wyoming trials legend, really “stunk up the place” on Sunday with a grand total of 7 but still managed to win his class handily and punch the best Advanced line card.

The real “dog fight” of the weekend took place in the Veteran Advanced class where Todd Hancock, Steven Davis and Mark Franklin were scratching and clawing for every point. When the dust had settled, Hancock squeaked by with a 62 to Davis’ 63 and Franklin’s 66.

The Advanced class also had its’ share of dab-less drama as Ross Stewart and Sarah Duke slugged it out all weekend. Duke, a several time member of the USA Women’s TdN team, was able to top Stewart on Saturday 14 to 18, but the Wyoming lad came roaring back on Sunday to snatch the overall by one point with a card reading 12 to Duke’s 17. Whew!

WMTA is one of the nation’s trials clubs to have recently included a Vintage class and Chris Adams rode his ’74 Suzuki RL 250 to victory over Fred Martinson and his trick Yamaha TY 250. Adams bettered Martinson on Saturday 11 to 29 and while Martinson was able to charge back on Sunday 14 to 18, he never could quite make up for Saturday’s first 2-loop score of 21.



Kenny Mosteller

After 1999, the Wyoming Motorcycle Trials Association decided that they had presented the Medicine Bow Cup to Kenny Mosteller (7 times), Ron Schmelzle (3),

Derek Martinson (3) and Mark Manniko (2) a few times too many and chose to change their format for the new millennium. Since the year 2000, any rider lucky enough to win his class both days, would have their names placed in the cup and the overall winner would be drawn lottery-style by one of the trials masters. No previous cup winner’s name would be eligible for the drawing, thus making for some rather interesting winners.

This year’s both-day winners (sans Mosteller and Martinson) included: Nigel Parker (Jr), Shane Huschka (Nov), Clay Hoyt (Last Class), Rick Daniel (Sr Int), Frank Peterson (Vet Int) and Keith Wineland (Pro), so these fortunate few had a 1-in-6 chance of claiming the cup.

When play had finally ended, it was dramatically decided that Novice class winner Huschka would hold the cup until next year’s running. The Wyoming teen, who was competing in his first organized trials event, must have left the site thinking: “Gosh, this trials stuff is easy!” Stay tuned young friendo.

The next big event on the WMTA schedule will be the legendary Mosteller Cup 3-day AHRMA National, which will also host all modern classes as well, on Labor Day weekend – September 5th, 6th and 7th.



Sarah Duke



PRO: 1. Keith Wineland (16); 2. Miles Morgan (42); 3. Shad Peterson (74).

EXP: 1. Derek Martinson (15); 2. Luke Matlack (40); 3. Brian Martinson (77); 4. Al Duke (119).

VET ADV: 1. Todd Hancock (62); 2. Steven Davis (63); 3. Mark Franklin (66); 4. Tony Scott (86); 5. Ron Anderson (114).

SR ADV: 1. Kenny Mosteller (7); 2. Darren Youngs (57).

ADV: 1. Ross Stewart (30); 2. Sarah Duke (31); 3. Russell Coates (48); 4. Bill Haskell (49); 5. Marty Seth (54); 6. Jeremy Brown (72); 7. Eric Enloe (76).

VET INT: 1. Frank Peterson (31); 2. Dirk Carroll (53); 3. Ron Pocher (61); 4. Mike Morgan (65); 5. Barry Matlack (112); 6. Dallas Peak (32*).

SR INT: 1. Rick Daniel (64); 2. Andy Parker (98); 3. Randy Talburt (139); 4. Bruce Coates (140).

INT: 1. Cody Coates (27); 2. Nate Matlack (29); 3. Casey Coates (46); 4. Kelly Herrick (53); 5. Travis Hyslop (68); 6. John Lever (104); 7. Logan Cundy (141); 8. Zach Blackmore (159).

VINT: 1. Chris Adams (29); 2. Fred Martinson (43).

AMA: 1. Ryan Rentfrow (46); 2. Craig Philbrick (49); 3. Jason Todd (52); 4. Sharon Jubb (83); 5. Reed Peterson (96); 6. Lee Wilson (144); 7. Guy Chapman (37*).

LAST CLASS: 1. Clay Hoyt (53); 2. Greg Stewart (113); 3. Doug Wilson (125).

NOV: 1. Shane Huschka (59); 2. Ryan Araya (DNF).

JR: 1. Nigel Parker (67).

* indicates: only competed on one day