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“Allen Guyot 1957-2010”

By Ron Pocher


Utopia, Zion, Shangri-la, Nirvana, the hereafter, the eternal home, the pearly gates, the afterworld, Heaven – the American Indians called it the happy hunting grounds, the land of spirit where the chiefs and warriors traveled to after filling their time on earth with honor.


Allen Guyot

Allen Guyot

The 2010 NATC National Trials Series kicked off May 1st at Tishomingo, Oklahoma and the usual joyous atmosphere, which comes with the start of any fresh series, was obviously apparent. The confident mood of the events participants, which was surely fueled by high hopes and expectations, turned somber when learning of the sudden passing of Mr. Allen Guyot. Guyot, who was on hand to compete in yet another on a long list of NATC nationals, fell victim to a heart attack in his hotel room Friday night.

Guyot certainly got the most out of his 53 years. While in high school, Allen participated in basketball, band and drama before finding his true passion when he acquired his first trials bike around 1978. Mr. Guyot proved a fast learner at the feet-up craft, as he was asked to pre-ride and critique sections for a world round held in Texas at the 1984 Wagner Cup. Guyot is believed to have ridden in more consecutive Ute Cup’s than any other participant, and was recently honored with an award by the Rocky Mountain Trials Association for his 25th straight. Allen’s highest overall finish in this legendary Colorado event was third, which with one look at the past winners list would impress any trials enthusiast.


Allen Guyot at the Ute Cup

Ute Cup

Guyot, who served as club president of the Ark Valley Trials Association in south-central Kansas for the past 25 years, is credited for starting the Central Regional Championship Series. Allen also served as the area’s Fantic and Gas Gas provider with his Gas Gas of Kansas dealership. The well-liked Kansan was also a nine-year member of the Air Capital Cosmopolitan Club.

Guyot, a lifelong resident of Douglass, was owner of Allen’s Hair Care and obviously practiced this trade with the same sort of success that he enjoyed while on his trials bikes. One woman, who signed in on Allen’s guest book, had been having him cut her hair for 32 years and seemed to have sincerely enjoyed every minute. Most of us have had about 32 different barbers in that same time span. Many of the entrants in his guest book commented on how Allen always spoke so fondly of his children and was never lacking a cheerful demeanor.

Allen Guyot’s funeral services took place in Douglass on Friday, May 7th. The minister performing the eulogy began by saying that Allen was just the sort of person who would have put the “fun” back in funeral. Allen’s Gas Gas, riding boots and helmet were all on display in the foyer of the church in a true, trials send off. The AVTA club members all donned matching black shirts for the occasion and lined up about twenty trials bikes near the cemetery entrance in a fitting show of support.


Allen Guyot’s funeral services

Funeral Services

Chief Joseph, of the Nez Perce tribe from the Pacific Northwest, once said: “We are taught to believe that the Great Spirit sees and hears everything, and that he never forgets; that hereafter he will give every man a spirit home according to his deserts.”

Alan Guyot’s happy hunting grounds most likely includes the ideal trials setting - with big rocks, waterfalls, perfect traction and mountain streams; a magical place where tires never grow old nor air filters dirty and no matter how difficult the section, you just never seem to put a foot down.


Allen Guyot’s Minder

Allen Guyot and his minder, "Harley"